Improved Driveability City Wide

Citywide Streets Improvement – 
Year One Projects

Includes addition or renovation of sidewalks
Kerlick Lane
Plum Ave
Peach Ave
Grape Ave
California Blvd
Lakeview Blvd
North St
Central Ave
Commerce St
Houston Ave
Grant Ave
South St
Main St
Veramendi Ave
Comal Ave
Magazine St
Butcher St
Coll St
Guenther Ave
Oak Run Sidewalks
County Line Rd

Citywide streets improvement investment is $3,000,000 per year for five years – a total of $15,000,000.

Goodwin/Conrads Lane Reconstruction

Reconstruction of Goodwin Lane from FM 306 to Conrads Lane
Reconstruction of Conrads Lane from Goodwin Lane to IH 35
Shared use pedestrian walkways
Drainage improvements at the Alligator Creek Crossing

Klein Road Reconstruction –
Phase 2

Phase 1 part of 2013 Bond
Three-quarter mile roadway improvements
Four lane section
Improve low water crossing
Improve FM 725 intersection
8-10’ shared use path and six foot sidewalk


Business 81 Extension
– Contingent Upon Additional Streets Funding

Two lane roadway section
Shared use path
Drainage facilities
New roadway from IH-35 to August Fields Subdivision/Alves Lane

FM 306 Extension
– Contingent Upon Additional Streets Funding

Roadway expansion from FM 1101 to Alves Lane
Four lane roadway section with raised medians



2019 Bond Program Investment: Proposition 1

Streets: $52,512,490
Application of Roadway Impact Fees: ($8,000,000)
Total Bond Proceeds: $44,512,490

Citywide Streets Improvements

Business 81 Extension

FM 306 Extension

Goodwin/Conrads Lane Reconstruction

Klein Road Phase 2 Rendering


Vote FOR propositions 1, 2, 3, & 4 and help make New Braunfels even better.


Prop 1: Streets

Improved drivability city wide – reconstruction, repairs, extensions
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Prop 2: Parks and Recreation

Improved amenities – all abilities park, Comal Cemetery, sports field complex
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Prop 3: Public Safety

Improved facilities – fire and police stations
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Prop 4: Library

Improved education opportunities – Westside Community Center
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Get involved

The bond package that’s on the ballot for May 4th helps make New Braunfels better by focusing on priorities determined by its citizens.


Support a fiscally conservative and responsible way to make our community better.


Need a yard sign? Stop by any of the following locations during business hours:
Raba Kistner – 211 Trade Center Drive
Utility Engineering Group – 191 North Union Avenue
Frost Bank – 315 Landa Street
Property Professionals – 421 South Seguin

Voting Information

Early Voting

April 22 – April 30
Comal County Elections Office
396 N. Seguin Avenue
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Monday, April 22: 8am to 5pm

Tuesday, April 23: 8am to 5pm

Wednesday, April 24: 7am to 7pm

Thursday, April 25: 8am to 5pm

Friday, April 26: 8am to 5pm

Saturday, April 27: 9am to 1pm

Monday, April 29: 7am to 7pm

Tuesday, April 30: 8am to 5pm


Saturday, May 4
7am to 7pm

City Council District 1
Westside Community Center
2932 S. IH35
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City Council District 2
First Church of the Nazarene
210 W. Klein Road
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City Council District 3
Seele Elementary School
540 Howard Street
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City Council District 4
Faith United Church of Christ
970 N.h Loop 337
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City Council District 5
Lamar Primary School
240 N. Central Avenue
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City Council District 6
Walnut Springs Elementary School
1900 S. Walnut Avenue
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