What is a bond referendum?

A bond referendum is a voting process that gives voters the power to decide if a municipality should be authorized to raise funds through the sale of bonds. A general obligation (G.O.) bond is long-term borrowing in which a municipality pledges its full faith and credit to repay the debt over a specified term. G.O. bonds are a fiscally responsible option available to the City for these types of projects. They are the highest-rated form of debt which result in the lowest interest-cost debt a municipality can issue.

Why does the City issue General Obligation Bonds?

Bonds make capital projects more affordable and put less stress on the City’s budget. By using bonds to finance these projects, we can pay for them in installments over time rather than needing all the money at the outset.

What is the total amount of the proposed 2023 Bond Program?

The total amount of the eleven proposed projects is $140,045,000 in city projects funded by issuing municipal bonds with no projected increase to the City tax rate.

What are the project categories and the funding requirements for each?

• Proposition A – Transportation: $99,330,000
• Proposition B – Parks and Recreation: $12,155,000
• Proposition C – Library Facilities: $28,560,000

What are the projects in each proposition?

• Proposition A – Transportation Infrastructure: Common Street, Barbarosa Road/Saur Lane, Conrads Lane, Kohlenberg Road, Citywide Street Improvements, Citywide Intersection Improvements, South Kowald Lane, Solms Road
• Proposition B – Parks and Recreation: Mission Hill Park – Phase 2
• Proposition C – Library Facilities: Southeast Library Branch

Can I vote for some bond propositions and not others?

Yes. There will be three separate bond propositions. Each will appear as a separate question on the ballot.

How were these specific projects selected to be part of the bond program?

The process to put together a package of projects began in late 2021 when City Council appointed a citizen-led Bond Advisory Committee that reviewed master plans, assessed needs, reviewed citizen input and considered recommendations from boards and commissions to develop a list of high-priority projects. The committee held a series of meetings to gather information about each proposed project and further prioritize the list. As part of the process, committee members listened to presentations on proposed projects, toured project locations, conducted public input to receive feedback and reviewed preliminary engineering reports. The committee’s proposed projects were presented to City Council. After deliberating the project list, the City Council determined the final slate of projects and called for a bond election.

Will the proposed program require a City property tax rate increase?

It is projected that this 2023 Bond Program should not impact the City’s property tax rate.

When and where will voting on the 2023 Bond Program take place?

The last day to submit an application to register to vote in this election is April 6th.

Early Voting – Voting Locations
• Monday, April 24: 8am-6pm
• Tuesday, April 25: 8am-6pm
• Wednesday, April 26: 8am-6pm
• Thursday, April 27: 8am-6pm
• Friday, April 28: 8am-6pm
• Saturday, April 29: 10am-4pm
• Monday, May 1: 7am-7pm
• Tuesday, May 2: 7am-7pm

Election Day Voting – Voting Locations
• Saturday, May 6: 7am-7pm

Where can I find more detailed information on the 2023 Bond Program and the process of project development?

Project details, cost breakdowns, committee presentations, resource documents, etc. are available at www.nbtexas.org/3561/2023-Bond-Election.


Vote FOR propositions A, B, and C and help make New Braunfels even better.


Prop A:

Better driving city wide – repairs, expansion
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Prop B:
Parks and Recreation

An even better Mission Hill Park
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Prop C:
Library Facilities

Bringing a library to southeast New Braunfels
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The bond package that’s on the ballot for May 6th helps make New Braunfels better by focusing on priorities determined by its citizens.


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Voting Information

Early Voting

April 24 – May 2
Voting Locations

Monday, April 24: 8am to 6pm

Tuesday, April 25: 8am to 6pm

Wednesday, April 26: 8am to 6pm

Thursday, April 27: 8am to 6pm

Friday, April 28: 8am to 6pm

Saturday, April 29: 10am to 4pm

Monday, May 1: 7am to 7pm

Tuesday, May 2: 7am to 7pm


Saturday, May 6
7am to 7pm

Voting Locations


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